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The Steel Coil Industry Development Trend

First, the high quality substrate, on the substrate surface, shape and dimension precision requirements are increasingly high, for outdoor use such as small zinc flowers smooth hot galvanized steel coil, no zinc flower smooth hot galvanized steel coil in the rise of zinc alloy hot plating volume; indoor use such as electricity galvanized steel coil, cold foil rolling plate and aluminum plate volume.

Second, improve the pretreatment process and pretreatment liquid. Little equipment, low cost has become the mainstream technology; continuously improve the stability of the preconditioning liquid, corrosion resistance, environmental performance.

Third, new paint, generally polyester, poly (vinylidene fluoride (PVDF) and plastic sol improved, won the premier color reproducibility, anti UV, anti sulfur dioxide, improve corrosion resistance; develop resistance to pollution, heat absorbing functional coatings.

Fourth, unit equipment more perfect. Such as the use of the new machine, new type roller coating machine, perfect curing oven, advanced automation instrument etc..

Fifth, because of the low cost of cold embossing embossed on the specific heat, with beautiful, three-dimensional sense, and the intensity is high, make cold embossing production technology has become the trend of development.


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