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Now How Many Color-coated Plate And Strip Production Line In China?

Internally coating the main State-run Baosteel, Baosteel Yellowstone, Wuhan iron and steel, maanshan iron and steel, Anshan iron and steel, panzhihua steel, heavy steel, Shougang group, Handan iron and steel, Kunming steel, etc. ...

Private of main has Yingkou hope hope, and Hebei wisdom, and Yan Zhao sky, and Tianjin in the Czech, and Tianjin new Yu, and Hebei in the steel, and Beijing days are, and bazhou Beijing, and bazhou million road, and Hebei million road, and Chengdu Southeast, and honest port, and force days color steel, and Shenzhen gorgeous, and Shunde Pu items, and Jiangmen China Crown, and Fujian Kay King, and Wuxi xindazhong, and Wuxi lottery, and Wuxi joint, and Jiangyin Feng road, and Changshu China ye, and Suzhou bluescope, and Suzhou with Hin, and Changshu Hin Swiss, and Changzhou changsong, and Changzhou Chang Ke, and Changzhou high force, and Yixing card Europe, and Jiangyin West, and Jiangyin China ming, and Shanghai torch Hong, and Shanghai authon, and Shanghai Crown King, and Shanghai Obon, and Suzhou Yangtze River, and Nantong brilliant, and Nantong recalled can, and Nanjing min up, and Zhangjiagang climbed China, and Zhangjiagang Hong Kong star, and Shanghai industry Hui, and Shandong sky, and Shandong developed, and Shandong kelon, and Crown State color Board, and Shandong meeting Jinyuan, and constant pass color Board, and nalida, and Wuhan Hanko, and Zhejiang China Steel, and Zhejiang East light steel, and Zhejiang Concord, and Zhejiang o Crown, and Zhejiang days female, Hangzhou Furama,.....

Annual production of 4.5 million tons.

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