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How To Judge Whether The Color Steel Plate Is Good Or Bad

    With the market in recent years, the demand for color steel plate from time to time, how to choose the quality of a large number of color plate has become a problem for many people. Also in order to let more people can easily understand the color plate on the good or bad, here are some of the basic materials on the color plate. So on people's understanding and the choice also can compare with to have the help. Details are summed up in the following aspects.
    1, Examining the color steel plate coating or film thickness, substrate thickness and mass analogy good at color coating steel plate as long as 0.02~0.03mm, film thickness usually as long as less than 0.15mm, and low quality of the color steel often on the steel substrate and color steel plate or coated do hands and feet, usually by reducing the thickness of the steel substrate, and on the steel substrate multi spray coating or by a very thick film. Thereby affecting the overall level of color steel plate.
    2, See color plate exposed steel products such as section can fine crystal, gray hair, dark hair can and impurities. If the section is fine crystal type is superior quality comparison.
    3, With the finger bomb hit color steel plate, good quality color plate metal sound relatively clear, loud, poor quality of nausea, metallic sound is not obvious. And this is one of the important elements to distinguish the quality of color steel plate.
    4, Do not think that the lower the price, the better, a sub price of goods, as the saying goes, "only to buy the wrong, not to sell the wrong".
    5, Caring service, accessories, understand and standardize the collection of fees is very important, due to market some operating household money income, follow-up service, commitment to quality on character did not write a the.
    With these five, so that we will have to buy color steel plate situation will have a more obvious assistance. Can also be good to help us to choose the superior quality products. One or more of the jobs that are stopped.

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