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Color Steel Room Features

Convenient installation
The color steel plate movable house has the characteristics of light weight, splicing type installation and optional cutting, and the installation of the movable house is simple and convenient, which can greatly improve the efficiency and save the time limit for a project. The surface quality materials and thermal insulation materials of fire proof color steel sandwich panels are non combustible materials, which can meet the requirements of the fire protection code of the movable house.
A variety of studies show that more than 40 years abroad after the extensive use of the proof: the special coating treatment of color steel plate shelf life in 10-15, after every 10 years spray anti-corrosion coatings, active room plate life of up to more than 35 years
Pressure type color steel plate clear lines up to dozens of colors, can be used to meet the needs of the building of any style activities, to achieve satisfactory results.
Heat preservation and heat insulation
The color steel compound commonly used in thermal insulation material: rock wool, glass fiber, poly ethylene, poly ester, low thermal conductivity, and activities of the housing has good thermal insulation effect. High strength color steel plate using high strength steel plate as the substrate (tensile strength 5600kg/cm) coupled with the most advanced design and roll forming. So the color steel plate movable house has excellent structural characteristics.

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