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Color Steel Plate Detection Method

Paints and varnishes-paints not containing metallic pigments film 20 °, 60 ° and 85 ° determination of specular gloss

Synopsis: this standard based on 20 °, 60 °, 85 ° geometry determination methods of specular gloss of paint film. 60 ° method is suitable for all paint film, but for high gloss paint or near-matte paint, 20 ° or 85 ° rule is more appropriate. Method of 20 ° high gloss paints can improve the ability to identify, apply paints 60 ° gloss greater than 70 units. Method of 85 ° low gloss paints can improve the ability to identify and apply less than 30 units of 60 ° gloss paints. These methods do not apply to determination of the lustre of metallic pigments for paints.

Test method for color coated steel sheet and strip (b) GB/T 13448-92

Second determination of specular gloss coated scope 8

This method prescribed by 20 degrees, 60, 85 3 angle measurement of color coating method of coating a mirror smooth. 60-degree method is suitable for all types of coating smooth measurement, but when the exact measurements, 60 degree gloss over 70 units, should adopt the 20 degree, smooth under 30 units of 60, 85 degree method should be used. 9 sample

Sample size of not less than 75mmx150mm, the specimen should be smooth, free of oil, nondestructive, edge Burr. 10 instruments

A. single-angle or angle gloss meter. Instruments shall meet the requirements of GB 9754;

B. the work standard: standard plates can be tiles, enamel, opaque glass gloss uniform and stable material. Two gloss standards boards should be available. One is high-gloss Standards Board, another is a low gloss Standards Board. 11 testing step

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