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Color Coated Steel Sheet And Coated Steel Sheet

Color coated steel sheet and coated steel sheet

Basic concepts:

Cold rolled steel strip in a continuous unit, galvanized steel (zinc plating and galvanizing) as substrate, after surface preparation (degreasing and chemical handling), roller coating, coated with a layer or multiple layers of liquid coatings, obtained after baking and cooling plate for coated steel sheets. Because the coating can come in all different colors, customarily called colored coating steel plate coated steel sheet. Since the coating is made prior to the steel plate processing abroad, this is called pre-coated steel sheet.

Process flow

Color coating is based on cold-rolled steel sheet and galvanized steel sheet substrate, after surface preparation (degreasing, cleaning, chemical treatment), painted with paint in a continuous way (roller), made after baking and cooling products.

Common two-two baking type continuous color coating line coating process the main production processes for: open → → → baking → after coating treatment → coiling.

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