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Classification Of Color-coated Sheet

Color-coated plate knowledge

Prepainted steel sheet is an organic coating on steel surfaces, it is aesthetically pleasing, colorful, high strength, corrosion resistance, easy processing advantages, but also enables you to lower costs, reduce pollution.

Also called organic color coated sheet coating plate or prepainted sheet steel, it is with a metal coil (cold-rolled sheet, hot galvanized plate, aluminum plate, stainless steel, high alloy plate plate) for the substrate, in the surface-coating or laminating a variety of organic coatings or plastic film. Because it is done in the metallurgical plant surface coating material can be directly processed into products for users, also known as precoated coil. Painted a combination of polymer and steel plates between the advantages of organic polymer good stain resistance, formability, corrosion resistance, decorative, and steel high-strength and ease of processing, can easily be blanking, bending, deep drawing, welding and other processing. Which makes organic coated steel products have excellent practical, decorative, workability, durability. Current color coated variety, more than 600 species, but so far there is no uniform method of classification, because a large number of varieties is difficult to find a distinction between standard, but each manufacturer has its own unique equipment, technology, and a wide range of products.

According to the general classification.

(1) classification by using substrate; typically used for organic coated steel substrates: cold-rolled sheet, galvanized sheet, galvanized sheet, aluminum alloy plates, galvanized plate, zinc alloy plate, tinplate, chromium plate, aluminum plate, and so on.

(2) by processing classified according to different coating methods, roller coating, spray, powder, laminating, printing and other production of organic coated steel sheet. According to different number of coated, coated with a baked, two painted the second bake, The three oven, four-four different baking coating technology coating of organic coated steel sheet. Pressed flowers or printing process: also can be broken down into wood boards, marbled, dermatoglyphics grain, cement mortar coated steel plate.

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