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Advantages Of Coated Steel Sheet

Advantages of coated steel sheet

Covered film plate not only has general color coated Board of performance and advantages, also big Earth make up has general color coated Board of color monotone of insufficient, has variety surface effect and the color, by pattern can is divided into wood lines, and marble lines, and granite lines, brick lines, imitation stainless steel drawing lines, Camo, currently is development products has: Sheepskin lines, and orange skin lines, and refrigerator pattern, and bump pattern,. Products for a wide range of:

Building: Interior and exterior walls, roofs, partitions, ceilings, doors, building wall, kiosk, garage, ventilation pipes, and so on. Furniture: wardrobe, coffee table, dining table, Chair, locker, file boxes, shelves, Office cabinets, and so on. Doors: roller doors, security doors, garage doors, interior doors, door frames, window frames, and so on.

Transportation: automobile interior decoration plates, cut off train and Interior plate, ship compartment and Interior panels.

Household appliances: refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, air conditioners, electric fans, lamps, solar water heater, electric water heater, etc. Office: copiers, vending machine, computer casing, switch cabinets, instrument cabinets, tool cabinets, elevator trim, etc.

With the development of the market economy, people pursue high quality life concept has been applied to the steel industry, previously black, rugged steel can not meet the needs of people, colorful, functional and practical color coating steel plate came into being. Prepainted steel sheet is an organic coating on steel surfaces, it is aesthetically pleasing, colorful, high strength, corrosion resistance, easy processing advantages, but also enables you to lower costs, reduce pollution.

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