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The wide use of galvanized steel

With the improvement of living standard, steel and iron products increased share of plays in people's lives, and also higher demands on the quality of steel products. Galvanized steel corrosion resistance due to its high brightness, high and low temperature resistance, easy processing, good nature, has been widely used in all aspects of life.

First: galvanized steel strip can be used to make a variety of steel tubes, such as pipes, heating pipes, gas pipes, agricultural or industrial greenhouses in tubes;

Second: in the light industry, casing, kitchen utensils, household cleanliness of the surface of the chimney due to the bright, high corrosion-resistance requirements, galvanized steel became a significant source of its material;

Third: in the construction industry, corrosion-resistant roof panel grille, roof is typical of galvanized steel products;

Part IV: galvanized steel strip surface bright and clean, acid corrosion, high temperature and difficult to deformation, low temperature cracking, made of grain, meat, eggs, frozen aquatic products processing equipment is very popular, while they are in storage and transportation of materials, packaging and appliances also have important applications;

Five: modern society, the car has become an important tool for people, but at the same time some parts of the car on wear resistance of materials, corrosion resistance requirements are relatively high, galvanized steel has these advantages, which also occupies a certain position in motor vehicle production.

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