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Color coating steel sheet production

Cold rolled steel strip in a continuous unit, galvanized steel (zinc plating and galvanizing) as substrate, after surface preparation (degreasing and chemical processing), roller coating, coated with a layer or multiple layers of liquid coatings, obtained after baking and cooling plate for coated steel sheets. Now there are back (bottom) paint and surface (front) coating to General domestic is emulsion paint layers, paint layers, our factory can paint three layers. Paint emulsion paint is two layers of business abroad. Because the coating can come in all different colors, customarily called colored coating steel plate coated steel sheet.

Process flow:

Common of II coated II baking type continuous color coating unit process main production process for: open machine-------suture machine------pressure roll------rose force machine----open live sets-----alkali wash skim------cleaning----drying-------passivation-------drying------early coated-------early coated drying------surface paint fine coated------surface paint drying------wind cold cooling------received volume live sets-----received volume machine-----(Xia volume package storage) 。

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